Defence company Thales uses Blockchain to comply with NATO requirements

The block chain technology is designed to provide better traceability in production.

Thales, the French defence group specialising in military and aerospace technology, intends to use the block chain technology for a new management system at its production centre in Spain.

According to an official notification dated 5 November, Thales intends to use innovative technologies such as The News Spy and Big Data to digitally transform the production centre in question.

One of the main objectives of the Paris-based group is to use block-chain technology to better meet the requirements of the transatlantic defence alliance NATO and the defence ministries of the client countries. To this end, the Communication states

“In order to comply with the requirements of NATO and the Ministries of Defence with which our company cooperates, we will use the block chain to ensure the traceability of all parts and products processed in our production and maintenance centre”.

According to the notification, the Blockchain technology will be used as part of a new management system that will be linked to all applications on the company’s own network. The new platform will efficiently link all work processes, improve communication with customers and optimise maintenance processes.