Bitcoin at $ 1 million, not “if”, but “when”? – This trader shocks his world

Nothing is Impossible for Bitcoin – More or less inspired predictions regarding the future value of Bitcoin are legion, and all the wildest assumptions are made. While a few months ago some analysts predicted a dying Bitcoin collapsing to $ 0 (sic), now entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano is predicting a 7-digit price. But the opposite would have surprised, is not it?

Pompliano defends Bitcoin on TV

On January 7, Anthony Pompliano was guest of Melissa Lee on CNBC. During his speech, the entrepreneur notably commented on the price of Bitcoin, making a comparison with gold (classic until then).

He also takes the opportunity to share an interesting tweet :

“Bitcoin is 10 times more efficient than gold. One day, the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 1 million, which is only twice the ceiling of the gold market. ”

This is not the first time that the tech entrepreneur has appeared on television to debate economic topics and new investment methods , including cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, an increasingly popular asset

It is already common among VIPs and large institutions to make a comparison between gold and Bitcoin, because bitcoins are rare , unlike fiat currencies.

Bitcoin is therefore also considered as a viable store of value , which could in particular protect against inflation . This argument is debatable, however, as gold has always been universally recognized as a rare and precious material. Bitcoin, meanwhile, is yet to gain widespread recognition , although its reputation is gradually improving.