Celebrating 50 Years of Hip-Hop, Mastercard Empowers Black Women Entrepreneurs

• Mastercard is hosting She Runs This: Celebrating Entrepreneurship in Business and Hip-Hop, a three-day event in partnership with Femme It Forward to honor Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary.
• The event includes an immersive “Small Business City” in Meta Horizon Worlds, a TikTok challenge, the kickoff of a Fearless Fund grant contest, and a national ad campaign.
• The event is aimed to equip Black women entrepreneurs with the financial tools, resources, and education needed to successfully accomplish their dreams.

Today, Mastercard announced the launch of She Runs This: Celebrating Entrepreneurship in Business and Hip-Hop, an event created in partnership with Femme It Forward to honor the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. This three-day event will feature a panel discussion series with famous Hip-Hop artists such as Lil Kim, Salt-N-Pepa, and Coi Leray, to celebrate Black Women entrepreneurship.

Mastercard’s research found that 80% of U.S. women entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, small business owners, and content Creators face financial challenges. With this in mind, Mastercard is determined to help equip Black women entrepreneurs with the financial tools, resources, and education needed to successfully accomplish their dreams. To do this, the event will include an immersive “Small Business City” in Meta Horizon Worlds, a TikTok challenge, the kickoff of a Fearless Fund grant contest, and a national ad campaign.

The “Small Business City” will feature virtual booths representing small businesses owned by Black women entrepreneurs and will allow participants to get to know the owners and their businesses better. The TikTok challenge will encourage users to post videos of themselves showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and creative business ideas. The Fearless Fund grant contest will give Black women entrepreneurs the chance to win up to $50,000 to help grow their businesses. Finally, the national ad campaign will spread the message of the importance of supporting Black women entrepreneurs.

Rustom Dastoor, EVP of Marketing and Communications for Mastercard, said, “Like the musical talent who shaped Hip-Hop, Black women small business owners continue to embrace the power of perseverance, going above and beyond to achieve their dreams and empower their communities, despite facing deep-rooted inequalities.”

With this event, Mastercard hopes to bring awareness to the importance of supporting Black women entrepreneurs and the need to provide them with the resources needed to help them succeed and thrive.

Ethereum Core Devs Successfully Deploy Mainnet Shadow Fork, Unlocking $26B in Staked ETH

• Ethereum core developers have deployed a successful mainnet shadow fork, a full dress rehearsal of system upgrades, to test the withdrawal capability for ETH staking.
• The Ethereum hardfork, referred to as the Shanghai hardfork, is scheduled for February end and is expected to unlock $26 billion worth of staked ETH in the market.
• The Merge event in September 2022 will be the first major upgrade in the Ethereum ecosystem since it transitioned the Ethereum blockchain into a complete proof-of-stake system.

Ethereum developers have been eagerly awaiting the successful launch of the first mainnet shadow fork as it would help them test the readiness of the withdrawal capability for ETH staking. On Monday, January 23, the Ethereum core developers announced the successful deployment of the same, thus paving the way for the much-awaited Ethereum hardfork, or the Shanghai hardfork, scheduled for February end.

The Shanghai hardfork is a monumental event for the crypto community since it will unlock $26 billion worth of staked ETH in the market. It is the first major upgrade in the Ethereum ecosystem since the historic Merge event in September 2022, when the Ethereum blockchain transitioned into a complete proof-of-stake system. This event allowed users to stake their ETH tokens and receive rewards for doing so.

The mainnet shadow fork is a full dress rehearsal of system upgrades, which helps developers test and identify any design flaws or tweak any outstanding issues that may arise with the implementation of the upcoming hardfork. By successfully previewing the upcoming Ethereum shanghai upgrade, the testnet has reassured the community that Ethereum is still on schedule to deliver the withdrawal features five to eight weeks from now.

The successful launch of the mainnet shadow fork is a testament to the development of the Ethereum blockchain, and its proof-of-stake system. It shows that the Ethereum community is committed to achieving its goals of building a more secure, reliable, and efficient blockchain platform. As the community awaits the launch of the Shanghai hardfork, it remains hopeful that the upgrade will bring about a new era of scalability and efficiency for Ethereum.

Crypto Craze: 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In Now!

• Three cryptocurrencies currently enticing investors: Big Eyes Coin, Floki Inu and Baby Doge
• Floki Inu gives its users access to the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) ecosystem and serves as a tool for charitable work
• Baby Doge is a hyper-deflationary system that increases both its scarcity and value over time

Cryptocurrency has been on the rise for many years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With the well-known names in the industry such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, there has been an influx of new and exciting cryptocurrencies launching almost daily. Cryptocurrencies run on open-source technology, meaning the launch of a new cryptocurrency is as easy as 1,2,3.

In this article, we will be taking a look at three cryptocurrencies currently enticing investors: Big Eyes Coin, Floki Inu and Baby Doge.

Big Eyes Coin is a crypto asset created to provide an efficient and secure way to transact value between users. It has been designed to make it easy to use, store and trade digital assets. Its low transaction fees and fast network speed make it a great choice for users looking to make quick and secure transactions.

Floki Inu (FLOKI) is heavily inspired by the famed Dogecoin. It merges the popularity surrounding meme coins with real-world applications for its users and serves as a tool for charitable work. The platform is powered by its meme coin, Floki Inu, built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a metaverse game called Valhalla, allowing users to take part and earn NFTs. By providing a feature that allows users to play to earn and collect the Floki Inu coin, users also have the ability to gain profit.

Finally, Baby Doge (BABYDOGE) is also influenced by the popular meme token, DOGE, taking the role of its internet ‘child’. Baby Doge is a hyper-deflationary system that increases both its scarcity and value over time. It has a built-in burning mechanism that removes tokens from circulation, driving up its value and incentivizing early adopters.

In conclusion, Big Eyes Coin, Floki Inu and Baby Doge are all cryptocurrencies that are currently enticing investors. With the rapid growth and development of cryptocurrency, these three coins are sure to become more popular as time goes on. With their unique features and applications, these coins are sure to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Bitcoin Champion Experiences: Reliable or Not?

This Bitcoin Champion app is a kind of software that permits customers to make trades with people who have a good chance of winning. People who use the Bitcoin Champion bot can earn thousands of dollars every day. However, is Bitcoin Champion reliable and not a fraud?

The information we’ve examined shows it is Bitcoin Champion is indeed a reliable machineand with a TrustPilot score of 4,7/5, the bot appears to be among the most reliable cryptocurrency robots available. In addition, the majority reviewers have reported consistent results using the bot.

We performed a test trial and found the software extremely easy to operate. Bitcoin Champion is ideal for novices as well as the advanced and experienced trader. Learn more about the reasons Bitcoin Champion is worth a test.

Bitcoin Champion

What is Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion, a website application that lets users trade bitcoins in a way that is automated. The bot has an alleged winning percent of 98.8% and could claim to produce up to 300% return every day.

Users have reported earning three times or more their initial capital within only the very first day of trading. Some claim that they can earn as much as $1 million off 500 dollars within an entire 1 year.

This degree of profits that make the majority of people who are new to the field doubtful. A closer look at the tech that powers this bot will reveal that the bot may have the potential to record the profits. The robots that are powered by artificial intelligence enhance the accuracy claimed as well as the blockchain guarantees an extremely high level of transparency.

In Bitcoin Champion, you can trade bitcoin for other cryptos like Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. You can also trade BTC against traditional currencies such as those of USD, GBP and EUR.

The app detects automatically the pairs that have the highest potential to trade and makes them tradeable. Traders don’t have to worry about making incorrect moves.

What is the process behind Bitcoin Champion work?

Bitcoin Champion collaborates with sophisticated robot brokers to ease transactions and trades. These brokers adhere to the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Bitcoin Champion Brokers who are partners will also make sure that trades are smooth and also provide an opportunity to leverage. This bot trades with leverage up to 1:5000. This is how traders can earn claimed profits from a small the deposit of just $250.

With this leverage, a small deposit of $250 could be used to speculate on positions that are worth 1,2 million. High margin trading boosts profits, but it can also cause massive losses.

Bitcoin Champion works completely by itself and does not require any expertise in order to operate. The bot performs best when it is running in a trance for at least eight hours every day. It takes just 20 mins per day to create your account and begin trading in real time.

If you’re an inexperienced trader We strongly suggest to review our top reviews of trading robots to find out more about trading robots that auto trade.

Benefits of Bitcoin Champion

  • What is the determining factor in the quality of an online broker is the degree of precision and customer service the robot can provide. Only a handful of trading robots offer dependable service and trading software that operates with proven trading algorithms.
  • It is crucial to comprehend the way that trading robots function and the risks of robots that trade automatically+ These robots are built on statistical algorithms which are believed to have a good chance of predicting price fluctuations. But, trading robots can’t always be successful and must be able to deal with unidentified factors as well as a certain amount of risk.
  • In comparison to other crypto trading robots, there’s some significant advantages to Bitcoin Champion. The software is free, and registration is less than 10 minutes. Bitcoin Champion allows users to withdraw their funds at any point. Users who have utilized the program say that their funds can be easily removed and take three days to receive the money.
  • Bitcoin Champion has an overall win rate of 99.4 percent. Simply put, the program claims to be able to anticipate the majority of trades it makes. This is why the software claims that its users are able to earn the daily sum of $1100.
  • A further benefit for Bitcoin Champion Bitcoin Champion is the variety of crypto coins that it provides. While other robots let users trade a limited number of crypto currencies, this robot provides an extensive range of altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and many more.

Is Bitcoin Champion Scam a Scam? New!

This review proves the fact that Bitcoin Champion is legit. We verify the authenticity of bots by looking at the unbiased feedback received from review websites like TrustPilot and running a live test using the robot’s demonstration trader. These are our findings regarding Bitcoin Champion.

  • Bitcoin Champion is a popular bot with a lot of positive user reviews Most of them give it a five-star review on TrustPilot. The bot is rated with an overall rating of 4/7, based on 244 reviews.
  • Users are happy with the speed and user-friendly platform as well as the security, and readily accessible and friendly customer support.
  • A demonstration test on the Bitcoin Champion trading platform shows that it’s beginner-friendly. Most people who utilize it do not have previous experience in crypto trading.
  • We’ve conducted an investigation into the background of the information available on the Bitcoin Champion website and confirmed that it is correct..
  • Bitcoin Champion comes with Military Grade Cybersecurity Measuresand users are assured that their personal information is secure.
  • This robot is only compatible with brokers who are regulated through FCA, CySEC and ASICThe regulators ensure the customers the security of their money if the broker is not able to fulfill its financial obligation.
  • Bitcoin Champion Bitcoin Champion is not as popular as another top robot, called Bitcoin Trader. Both robots are among the most well-known today. You can check out the Bitcoin Trader review if you want to find a different.


Attention! The automated trading of cryptocurrency comes with significant dangers! The market online is extremely speculative, and the value of crypto currencies fluctuate constantly. Therefore, ensure that you do not invest more than you are able to lose. Also, you should constantly be aware of the market to ensure that you are able to adjust the parameters of the robot in line with your observations. So you can maintain the robot under your control and you can stop it from operating at losses in the most extreme situation.

Log into Bitcoin Champion. What is the best way do I establish an account?

The process takes just five minutes to sign up for a free registration through Bitcoin Champion. However live trading could be delayed by up to an hour , if the broker you use for your trading confirms your identity.

Bitcoin Champion is license free of charge, however, a fee for registration might be introduced if there is a significant increase in users. continue to increase. It is now time to take advantage of the chance to sign up for an account for free. Follow the instructions below to start using Bitcoin Champion.

Step 1: Registration

Go to the Bitcoin Champion homepage and complete the registration form located in the upper right hand corner to register for your free account. You must provide your personal details, including full name, email address for work and telephone number.

Incorrect information can cause problems in the verification process. Bitcoin Champion requires users to verify their email address and telephone number. The verification process takes approximately three minutes.

Submit documents to verify

After you have created an account for free, Bitcoin Champion will match you with a broker that is a partner. The broker that you choose to partner with requires that you submit both sides of a valid government issued ID as well as an unambiguous document indicating the address you have currently. The address document could be a utility bill or bank statement that has your address printed on it.

Identification or proof of address is required by any broker that is regulated and regulated. Bitcoin Champion along with its affiliate brokers protect users their data with the utmost trust.

Step 2: Deposit

Bitcoin Champion only accepts deposits through its broker partners only after verifying your identity and address. In addition, as mentioned earlier it is necessary to make an investment of $250 to use the bot.

This is your capital for trading and is not to be confused the price that comes with the use of Bitcoin Champion. Like we said before this application is free.

The deposit methods that are accepted include Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, WebMoney, Neteller and Skrill. It is also possible to deposit using crypto wallets , such as Bitcoin as well as Ethereum.

3. Live and demo trading

Bitcoin Champion offers a fully user-friendly practice account that helps users become familiar in the real-time trading system. It is highly recommended to test the demo prior to making the move to live. This account will assist you to learn all the features on the account live.

Live trading on Bitcoin Champion can be completed at the press of an icon. Like we mentioned in the review above, you don’t require any experience to trade with Bitcoin Champion.

Bitcoin Mining steigt in Argentinien inmitten billiger, subventionierter Energie auf

Billiger Strom hat das Bitcoin-Mining in Argentinien vorangetrieben. Die Miner arbeiten sogar von zu Hause aus, da die Stromrechnungen kaum 2 – 3 % des durchschnittlichen Monatseinkommens im Land betragen.

BTC-Miner in Argentinien florieren, indem sie die Vorteile der billigen, subventionierten Energie nutzen.

Länder mit niedrigen Strompreisen sind großartige Orte für Krypto-Bergleute, und das Wiederaufleben der Kapitalkontrollen steigert die Gewinne für Bergleute in Argentinien. Die Nachricht wurde zuerst von Bloomberg berichtet, später in der Buenos Aires Times neu veröffentlicht.

Miner profitieren von billiger Elektrizität

Experten wie Nicolás Bourbon, ein Krypto-Miner in Argentinien, haben gesagt, dass dies eine Gelegenheit ist, die neue Politik der lokalen Regierung zu nutzen.

“Selbst nach der Bitcoin-Preiskorrektur sind die Stromkosten für jeden, der von seinem Haus aus Mining betreibt, immer noch ein Bruchteil der gesamten Einnahmen. Die Miner wissen, dass die Subventionen lächerlich sind. Sie nutzen sie einfach aus.” -Sagte Bourbon.

Im Vergleich zu Kolumbien, Chile und Brasilien betragen die Stromrechnungen für Verbraucher in Argentinien gerade einmal 2 – 3 % des durchschnittlichen Monatseinkommens, was das Land neben Venezuela zu einem der billigsten Länder des Kontinents macht.cheap-power-1181517

Bitcoin Prime zielt auf Argentinien

Bitcoin Prime Ltd, eine kanadische Mining-Firma, hat einen Stromabnahmevertrag mit einem privaten argentinischen Stromerzeuger unterzeichnet, der es der Firma ermöglicht, ab 2022 Kryptowährungen in Patagonien zu schürfen, mit dem Einsatz von insgesamt 55.000 Maschinen. Der Vertrag läuft über acht Jahre und hat einen effektiven Preis von 0,022 pro Kilowattstunde.


“Wir haben nach Orten gesucht, die ihre Stromerzeugungssysteme überbaut haben. Die wirtschaftliche Aktivität in Argentinien ist rückläufig, und der Strom wird nicht voll genutzt. Es war also eine Win-Win-Situation.” sagte Bitfarms’ Präsident Geoffrey Morphy in einem Interview.

Billiger Strom in Argentinien wurde von vielen Experten als eine Politik bezeichnet, die Stimmen für die nächsten Parlamentswahlen gewinnen soll, was zu Spannungen zwischen anderen politischen Parteien führte. Aber Bergleute sehen dies nun als eine große Chance, Gewinne zu erzielen und die sich ausbreitende Hyperinflation zu überleben.

Argentinier umarmen Krypto inmitten wirtschaftlicher Abschwünge
Argentiniens wirtschaftlicher Abschwung hat die Nutzung von Kryptowährungen erheblich vorangetrieben. Die aktuelle Inflationsrate beträgt etwa 50 % pro Jahr, und die Bürger können legal nur 200 $ pro Monat umwandeln. Argentinier umarmen nun Kryptoassets als Inflationsabsicherung.

Kryptowährungskonten auf Binance und Coinbase sind in dem Land in die Höhe geschossen, während der argentinische Peso mit der Zeit abwertet. Es sollte nicht überraschen, dass Miner jetzt das Land wählen, um von der billigen Elektrizität zu profitieren.

“Die Kryptowährung, die Miner erzeugen, wird normalerweise zum parallelen Wechselkurs verkauft, aber die Energie wird zu einem subventionierten Satz bezahlt. Im Moment sind die Einnahmen sehr hoch.” sagte Bourbon.

Ex direttore della sicurezza informatica negli Stati Uniti: Crypto ransomware “ impazzisce ”

Il ransomware è qualcosa di cui “l’americano medio” è preoccupato, afferma l’ex top dog della sicurezza informatica Chris Krebs

L’ex funzionario del Dipartimento della sicurezza interna Christopher Krebs ha chiesto una maggiore supervisione governativa sulla criptovaluta ieri in un’intervista, affermando che i pagamenti anonimi sono una minaccia “per l’americano medio”.

In un’intervista a Late Night con Bill Maher , Maher ha chiesto all’ex direttore della Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency degli Stati Uniti quali fossero le sue opinioni su Bitcoin.

“Cosa succederà con Bitcoin? Dove vedi che sta andando? Questo è un po ‘nella tua zona, vedo che sta abbattendo la civiltà, ma forse sono anti-intellettuale “, ha detto Maher

“La criptovaluta è, per come la vedo io, uno dei singoli fattori abilitanti che ha consentito ai criminali informatici di distribuire un’enorme quantità di ransomware nelle nostre agenzie statali e locali”, ha affermato Krebs. “Sono i pagamenti anonimi, la possibilità di pagare in modo anonimo. E penso che questa sia la minaccia informatica di cui si preoccupa l’americano medio “.

Maher ha osservato che 1600 scuole sono state colpite da ransomware (citando un rapporto dell’IBM ), e Krebs ha aggiunto che ci sono stati anche attacchi contro “ospedali e agenzie governative, voglio dire, Baltimora è stata colpita due volte, Atlanta, contea del Meclemburgo settentrionale Carolina, 23 contee del Texas, la Louisiana è stata colpita un paio di volte “.

“E vogliono solo soldi. Non è niente di sofisticato, questo non è ideologico ”, ha risposto Maher, confrontando – in modo sconcertante – gli attacchi ransomware alla trama del film Die Hard . (Poco dopo, Krebs si riferì erroneamente alla fittizia Nakatomi Plaza come “Torre Nakasomi”).

Krebs ha continuato avvertendo che i “cattivi” si scatenano se non ci sono “conseguenze”

Ha raccomandato di “guardare” le criptovalute nei portafogli di scambio, facendo pressione sui paesi che i criminali informatici chiamano a casa per reprimere le attività illegali rivolte agli Stati Uniti e aiutare i governi statali e locali a migliorare le loro difese.

Il ransomware è in aumento negli ultimi anni , probabilmente contribuendo a un problema di immagine nello spazio delle criptovalute. Un recente sondaggio indica che solo il 43% degli intervistati ritiene che la criptovaluta sia una forma di pagamento valida, e un altro del 2020 mostra che il 90% degli intervistati è “preoccupato” per le criptovalute utilizzate per riciclare denaro.

Krebs, che è salito alla ribalta dopo essere stato licenziato dall’ex presidente Donald Trump a causa del rifiuto esplicito di Krebs delle teorie del complotto per frode elettorale, potrebbe allineare le sue opinioni pubblicamente dichiarate con l’opinione popolare in preparazione per una corsa alle elezioni. L’ex burocrate ha anche lanciato proposte politiche come investimenti in programmi di difesa informatica e istruzione statali e locali.

Krydstogtskibet “Satoshi” lever for at sejle igen

Satoshi, et krydstogtskib, der skulle blive et hjem for Bitcoin-nomader, er efter sigende blevet solgt til et nyt selskab.

  • Et krydstogtskib med Bitcoin-tema er blevet solgt til nye ejere, efter at de tidligere ejeres planer om at omdanne det til et kryptofællesskab blev forpurret.
    Skibet skulle blive et flydende hjem for Bitcoin-fællesskabet.
  • The Satoshi, et krydstogtskib, der engang var beregnet til at blive et flydende hjem for Bitcoin-fællesskabet, kan snart få nyt liv med et nyt krydstogtselskab, ifølge rapporter i krydstogtbranchen outlets på mandag.

I sidste uge, efter at være undsluppet en skibsskrot i Indien, ankom Satoshi angiveligt til Bar City i Montenegro, rapporterede Cruise Industry News, der citerede flere kilder med kendskab til sagen. Nu er skibet angiveligt blevet solgt til nye ejere, som ikke har meldt sig offentligt, men TradeWinds rapporterer, at IHS Markit-data angiver køberen som Wake Asset Co, der er registreret på De Britiske Jomfruøer, og angiver prisskiltet til 12 millioner dollars.

Hvad var kryptokrydstogtskibet?

Tidligere kendt som Pacific Dawn, blev det 804 fod lange skib, bygget i 1991, solgt til et selskab kaldet Ocean Builders i oktober 2020, som planlagde at omdanne det til et tech-hub med kryptovaluta-tema forankret i Panamabugten.

Ocean Builders havde ambitiøse planer om at lancere et “kryptokrydstogtskib”, der skulle give blockchain-entusiaster et sted at bo og arbejde i et krypto-venligt miljø. Selskabet havde til hensigt at auktionere i alt 777 kahytter, hvor beboerne forventedes at gå om bord på The Satoshi allerede i januar 2021.

Men planen blev aldrig ført ud i livet. I december 2020, da de hævdede, at de ikke havde fået forsikringer for konceptet med et samfund, der boede om bord på et tidligere krydstogtskib, solgte projektets arrangører “Crypto Cruise Ship” til skrotning.

Samtidig blev skibet anholdt af de panamanske myndigheder.

“Vi vil ikke kunne fortsætte på grund af arkaiske store forsikringsselskaber, der ikke kan tilpasse sig innovative nye idéer”, skrev Ocean Builders administrerende direktør Grant Romundt i et brev til potentielle investorer dengang.

Det blev hævdet, at skibet uden forsikring ikke ville kunne ansætte en besætning og ville miste både sin klasseklassificering og sit flag samt muligheden for at drive virksomhed. November 2020 var også sidste gang, at Ocean Builders var aktiv på de sociale medier.

Den bristede drøm om et blockchain-fællesskab til søs

Ocean Builders, der har base i Linton Bay Marina i det Caribiske Hav i Panama, blev grundlagt med ambitionen om at bygge “flydende, off-grid seapod-huse”.

Dens nøgleinvestor er Chad Elwartowski, en amerikansk Bitcoin-handler drevet af ønsket om at skabe permanente boliger på havet, der ikke er bundet af nogen statslige restriktioner.

I 2019 lancerede Elwartowski og hans kæreste Nadia Supranee Thepdet et Bitcoin-finansieret initiativ, hvor de byggede et flydende hus ud for Thailands kyst. Imidlertid viste det sig at chartre nye farvande at være en barsk oplevelse – blot et par måneder senere konfiskerede de lokale myndigheder havestedet og anklagede parret for at “forringe Thailands uafhængighed”.

Under trussel om livsvarigt fængsel eller endog dødsstraf opgav parret deres planlagte søfart og flyttede til Panama i et forsøg på at genstarte Ocean Builders. En video fra juni 2020, som Elwartowski har offentliggjort, viser en prototype af et fartøj “som vil være et godt supplement til din seapod”, der bliver testet i en swimmingpool.

Nu, med nyt ejerskab af Satoshi, COVID-19 vaccinationer i distribution, og prisen på Bitcoin op 870% i løbet af de sidste 12 måneder, kan man sige, at Bitcoin håb flyder.

Bitcoin at $ 1 million, not “if”, but “when”? – This trader shocks his world

Nothing is Impossible for Bitcoin – More or less inspired predictions regarding the future value of Bitcoin are legion, and all the wildest assumptions are made. While a few months ago some analysts predicted a dying Bitcoin collapsing to $ 0 (sic), now entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano is predicting a 7-digit price. But the opposite would have surprised, is not it?

Pompliano defends Bitcoin on TV

On January 7, Anthony Pompliano was guest of Melissa Lee on CNBC. During his speech, the entrepreneur notably commented on the price of Bitcoin, making a comparison with gold (classic until then).

He also takes the opportunity to share an interesting tweet :

“Bitcoin is 10 times more efficient than gold. One day, the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 1 million, which is only twice the ceiling of the gold market. ”

This is not the first time that the tech entrepreneur has appeared on television to debate economic topics and new investment methods , including cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, an increasingly popular asset

It is already common among VIPs and large institutions to make a comparison between gold and Bitcoin, because bitcoins are rare , unlike fiat currencies.

Bitcoin is therefore also considered as a viable store of value , which could in particular protect against inflation . This argument is debatable, however, as gold has always been universally recognized as a rare and precious material. Bitcoin, meanwhile, is yet to gain widespread recognition , although its reputation is gradually improving.

The Guardian exposes Bitcoin scam with fake celebrity photos

As the Guardian magazine has revealed, there is a gigantic Bitcoin scam with false advertisements. Many victims come from Australia in particular. Facebook and Google are apparently hardly able to keep up with deleting the ads.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” has really succeeded in making an investigative bang

As the magazine reports on its website, there is a Bitcoin Cycle scam of almost gigantic proportions. Photos of particularly well-known personalities in the respective country were misused for fake advertisements. In Australia, the most affected country, for example, Dick Smith and Andrew Forrest. In Germany, the fraudsters apparently advertised with the likeness of tennis legend Boris Becker. As the Guardian has revealed, the traces of this globally organized business lead to the center of Moscow.

Apparently, the spread of the scams is so high that Google struggled to block all affected ads. The Australian regulatory authorities could hardly keep up. Basically, the Guardian writes, the ads are older. However, the worldwide rampant COVID-19 pandemic ensured that many people stayed at home and surfed the Internet. Therefore, there was a sharp increase in clicks on the ads.

Clicking on one of these ads leads to a fake news story. There is a link on this pretending to be a cryptocurrency investment program. After registering, victims receive a phone call asking them to invest a small amount. Calls then follow with ever higher monetary claims. Some victims would have lost all of their savings. According to the Guardian, callers are pushing to invest in high-risk and unregulated forex trading platforms that have little chance of making a profit.

The Guardian has followed the trail as far as Moscow

When it comes to blocking such fraudulent ads, Google calls it a “game of cat and mouse”. The problem: the scammers try to bypass detection by repeatedly making small changes to the text of the ads. In addition, the scammers buy hundreds of domain names each month through various registration companies to host the pages that users are directed to.

Websites are often registered on third party companies to hide the real owners. However, Guardian Australia found five names of people who had registered hundreds of the websites in question. All of them had addresses in the center of Moscow, which makes it much more difficult for foreign regulators to access. Both Google and Facebook have already admitted that it is difficult for them to prevent such ads from running in real time.

Black sheep in the form of scammers appear again and again in the Bitcoin business, whose scam also works for at least a while. A particularly big fish hit the authorities with John Bigatton , the former head of the BitConnect pyramid system. Since some scams are absolutely film-ready, it is not surprising that Hollywood is also interested in illegal business .

JPMorgan voorspelt 600 miljard dollar Bitcoin vraag

De Bank zei dat zelfs 1% van de activatoewijzing door grote financiële bedrijven zou resulteren in een vraag van $0,6 biljoen BTC.

JPMorgan Chase, een van ‘s werelds grootste investeringsbanken, vermeldde in een onderzoeksnota dat de recente adoptie van Bitcoin door de onderlinge levensverzekeringsmaatschappij MassMutual het potentieel voor extra institutionele vraag aangeeft. De bank voorspelde een vraag van ongeveer 600 miljard dollar voor Bitcoin in de toekomst.

Volgens de officiële nota schetste JPMorgan dat als familiekantoren, verzekeringsmaatschappijen en pensioenfondsen besluiten om een klein percentage toe te wijzen aan cryptocurrencies, dit zou resulteren in een massale vraag. In de onderzoeksnota, opgesteld door strategen, waaronder Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, wordt vermeld dat verzekeraars en pensioenfondsen te maken hebben met wettelijke hindernissen om de cryptomarkt te betreden.

“De Bitcoin-aankopen van MassMutual zijn een nieuwe mijlpaal in de adoptie van Bitcoin door institutionele beleggers. Men kan de potentiële vraag zien die de komende jaren zou kunnen ontstaan als andere verzekeringsmaatschappijen en pensioenfondsen het voorbeeld van MassMutual volgen”, aldus de notitie.

De bank verwacht dat financiële dienstverleners uit de VS, de EU, Japan en het Verenigd Koninkrijk ten minste 1% van de activa in Bitcoin zullen toewijzen, met een verwachte vraag naar Bitcoin van $0,6 biljoen.
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Bitcoin en goud

Panigirtzoglou zei dat ondanks de scheve vooruitzichten op korte termijn van de bitcoin, het beeld op lange termijn er positief uitziet. Hij voegde eraan toe dat BTC naar verwachting zal profiteren van de massale uitstroom van Gold ETF’s. “De bitcoin-stroomvooruitzichten voor de middellange tot langere termijn zien er positief uit, omdat we verwachten dat het contrasterende institutionele stroombeeld van de afgelopen twee maanden met de instroom in de Grayscale Bitcoin Trust en de uitstroom van Gold ETF’s een structurele trend zal worden. De adoptie van bitcoin door institutionele beleggers is pas begonnen,” voegde Panigirtzoglou eraan toe.

In 2017 noemde de CEO van JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin een oplichterij en waarschuwde hij om JPMorgan-handelaren die betrokken zijn bij de Bitcoin-handel te ontslaan. “Ik zou BTC-handelaren in een seconde ontslaan, om twee redenen: Het is tegen onze regels en ze zijn dom, en beide zijn gevaarlijk.”

Het lijkt erop dat de bank haar toon op cryptocurrencies volledig heeft veranderd.