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Faked Deaths  
Faking your own death: A natural impulse to help facilitate an escape

The problem with the case for Marlowe's authorship of the works of Shakespeare––and it's a big one––is that he was
declared dead on June 1, 1593, and never seen ali
ve again. To be clear, for him to have written the works of
Shakespeare would require that Marlowe's death had been faked, and that he had lived the rest of his life under a
new identity. It's a tall order, but people in Marlowe's shoes––about to face prosecution, torture, and execution––
have all wished they had the opportunity to escape without fear of pursuit. In Marlowe's case, he had the
connections to make this wish a reality. If his options were either to stick around and wait for the axe to fall, or to
use his talents, connections, and resources to escape and start a new life under a new identity, the choice seems

Here follows a list of stories about people who tried, and ultimately failed, to fake their own deaths. It is worth
noting that those who are successful in the attempt do not make the news. Consider that these cases date only from
the past decade or so, and represent only those that turned up in a quick Google search. If we extrapolate this rate
back 400 years, the scenario does begin to sound mundane.  The point is that while faking one's death may be
sensational, it is far from extraordinary.
Faked Deaths

Arthur Bennett
Facing court-martial charges, Bennet burned down his trailer. The badly
burned body inside the trailer was not Bennett`s. The true identity of the body
remains unknown.
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John Darwin
High school science teacher faked his own death to avoid paying massive
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Bruce Dale
New Zealand man faked his own death, abandoned his family and started a
new one.
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Steve Fossett
Millionaire adventurer disappeared, and was suspected of faking his own
death. His body was later recovered.
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David J. Friedland
Former state senator. Faked his own death after being scheduled to be
sentenced for taking kickbacks from a Teamster pension fund.
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Peter C. Gentry
Gentry sent prosecutors his own death certificate to avoid facing drunk driving
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Harry Gordon
"If you're going to fake your own death, the one quality you're going to need is
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Robert Granberg
Faked his death to collect the insurance money with the help of his wife. Go to

Bill Grothe
Music Row attorney is suspected of faking his own death. His whereabouts
are unknown.
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Carl Hackett, Graham Cardwell, Thomas Osmond
All faked their deaths by leaving clothes at beachside, presumed drowned. Go
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Jason Hart
E-bay conman faked his own death to avoid customers he duped. Go to

Jenaro Hernandez
Spanish fisherman fakes his death to avoid heavy debts. Go to Article

Samuel Israel III
Faked his own death to avoid a 20 year sentence for a 450 million fraud
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Ken Kesey
Best-selling author of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," faked his own
death and fled to Mexico to avoid Marijuana charges.
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Daniel Kinge
Pedophile teacher fakes his death in order to keep offending. Go to Article

Bruce Leyte
Newfoundland man faked his own death to avoid fraud charges. Go to Article

Sean Lovelock-Woodall
Died in a plane crash, but no body has ever been found. Huge insurance pay
-out prompts suspicions of faked death.
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Johnny Sterling Martin
Faked his own death by having a relative report that he had been killed in a
bar fight.
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Patrick McDermott
Olivia Newton-John`s husband. Presumed drowned, he is now suspected to
be living somewhere along the Pacific Latin American coastline.
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Carey Eugene Minard
While awaiting sentencing on a weapons conviction, Minard faked his death
during a canoe trip.
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Gulzar Ismael Mohammed
He used fraudulent death certificates to cash in on a life insurance policy with
the help of his wife.
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Donald Mosser
Chicago man faked his own death and moved to New York City, lived there
fo ten years before revealing to his family that he was still alive.
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Jeremy Daniel Oakley
British Columbia man faked his own death to avoid sex assault charges. Go to

Kerry Stephen Scheele
Faked his death during a scuba diving excursion to avoid a messy divorce, and
to collect the insurance money.
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Philip Sessarego
Special forces operative faked his own death, later wrote a book  Jihad! The
Secret War in Afgahanistan, under the assumed name Tom Carew. Go to
His daughter saw him on TV, seven years after being told he was dead. Go to

Marcus Shrenker
Financier faked his death with a plane crash. He parachuted to safety, then
escaped on a stashed motorcycle.
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John Stonehouse
Former U.K. minister faked his own death, moved to Australia to live with his
former secretary.
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Gubraman Subramaniam
Singapore man obtained a fake death certificate to avoid paying debts. Go to

John Sung Park
Faked his own death to escape assault charges. Go to Article

David Venezia
Faked his own death to escape paying back student loans incurred while
attending MIT and other Boston-area universities.
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Bennie Wint
Faked his death, went on the run for 20 years thinking he was wanted on drug
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